Z/iPStream R/2 - Triton Digital FAQ

Triton Digital

 Do I need to contact Triton Digital before I can use my R/2 with Triton Digital services?

    Yes, you will need to contact Triton so they can provision your stations appropriately to work with the R/2.

Can I use the R/2 to stream to Triton and also to an internal server?

    You can certainly use the R/2 to stream to Triton and another server. However, this portion only pertains to the Triton. Please reference the introductory section for standard configurations.

Since I am an existing customer will I still use Station Manager?

    No, the R/2 replaces the current PC that is running Station Manager.

Where will I configure my connection to Triton Digital Services then?

    You will need to navigate to Audio Sources, and then Triton Digital Services. You then will input your Station credentials from Triton, and click Save.

If Triton is not just another server instance type, how do I configure audio to reach Triton?

    Triton operates out of a separate menu. To get your post-processed audio to this is a two-fold process. We will need to setup an Audio Processing Instance, which we point at a Livewire or AES output. Then you will need to take this output to another input to loop it back and select the second input as the Audio Device under Configure Station.

Configure Station, where can I find that?

    Under Triton Digital Services, after you have started the station you want to modify. Now click on the station we need to route audio to and in the bottom right corner you will see Configure Station. In this menu you will now see Audio Device. Select the Post Processed Audio source here that you want to feed to Triton.

How does my metadata reach Triton?

    Metadata is parsed within the R/2, but configured from an executable called Metadata2ui, as described in the previous section.

What is Metadata2ui?

    Metadata2ui is an executable that needs to be installed on a local windows machine, and is only needed to configure the metadata flow. More information on this can be found in the prior section, Metadata2ui.

My audio and metadata are out of sync. Why?

    If you run your audio through a delay before the R/2, you will need to delay your Metadata the same amount. You accomplish this from the Configure Station menu. Once in the configuration find Cuepoint Delay Duration. Fill in the amount of time the audio is delayed in milliseconds and your metadata will be delayed the same amount as the audio.

Who do I call if I have problem?

    Both Telos and Triton Digital can field calls for the R/2. If it is a local problem with R/2 you likely want to call Telos first, and if it looks like and issue beyond your facility you may want to start with Triton Digital. If needed, Telos and Triton Digital will work together to resolve a situation.